What are the details need to be paid attention when producing wooden gift boxes?

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In the process of circulation, products will encounter different environments, which will have different effects on packaging, so corresponding measures should be taken.


 ① Weather conditions. There are mainly sunlight, temperature, humidity, rain and snow and air, etc., and they have different effects on different products, which need to be considered separately for different meteorological conditions.


 ② Loading and unloading conditions. Consideration should be given to whether it is manual or mechanical loading and unloading, as well as conditions such as the number of loading and unloading.


  ③ Shipping conditions. During transportation, products will be affected by shock, vibration, etc., and different transportation means have different effects on packaging. The main consideration should be product fixation and cushioning.


④ Storage conditions. Multi-purpose stacking for storage, and its compressive strength should be examined for packaging. In addition, storage is also divided into indoor storage and outdoor storage. The former should pay attention to moisture-proof, mildew-proof, waterproof, etc.; the latter should pay attention to rain and snow, sunlight, wind and so on.


3. The choice of packaging method

The choice of packaging method is very important for product protection. Only by comprehensively understanding product performance and circulation conditions, formulating several plans, and conducting economic evaluations, can a suitable packaging method be found.

① Select the packing material. According to the performance of the product, select the suitable packaging material to make the packaging container, and at the same time select the appropriate auxiliary packaging material to package the product.

 ② Select the packaging method. According to the requirements of product protection strength, convenient use, convenient mechanical loading and unloading and transportation, etc., the appropriate packaging process and packaging method are picked.


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